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Dear Iconfactory

Joshua Lane / / 6 Comments

Congratulations on the launch of your new site. I have to say, though, I’m throroughly underwhelmed. You had a great week of lead-in animations that were spectacular. And just about everyone (myself included) was anticipating the new site. But all we get is a blog layout? I don’t know, I just feel a little let down.

iconfactory.gif Don’t get me wrong, your new site looks very nice …although, I’m not sure what the purpose of those rounded corners are – they look a little odd in the pixelized (and rather square) layout. Still, the IA seems pretty solid and I have no troubled finding or browsing to the things I want. It’s just that… something is missing. Your site isn’t a blog, but you’ve adopted a blog layout. And because of that, I now tend to view your site with less reverance and with more… “meh”.

In other words, if I didn’t already know your site, I’d take one look and think “oh, another blog” and move on. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know.

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Garrett Dimon /

Are we expecting too much here? Of course no design is going to please anyone, but it feels like the most important element of this design is the information design.

I finally feel like I can find my way around the site. I’d much rather have that than a ground-breaking new design. Yes, the blog model is boring, but it works, and I think the design is just about right and definitely appropriate with some nice touches.

I’ll admit, I too was underwhelmed at first for the same reason, but I still feel like it’s a very successful design.

Gedeon Maheux /

Sorry to hear you were disappointed in the new site’s design/layout. Although we put every effort into its appearance, functionality and design, its obviously not possible to please everyone all of the time.

I do find your (and others) comments about the new site being too “bloggy” ironic since we’ve been in-effect blogging since the mid 90’s. The only thing that has changed with our news blurbs from the original design way back then is the new inclusion of the permalink line at the bottom of blurbs. They still follow the same format, date, title, description, etc that they always have. I’m curious as to what is making the new design seem more blog-like than before. Can you articulate that feeling a bit more please?

I’m not exactly sure how to respond to your feeling that not enough is “new” with the site. New icons, a new dashboard widget, adding desktop pictures, archived news, new news link categories, permalinks, the inclusion of RSS & CSS, improved searching (with similarity) are all new. There is much more, but you get the idea.

We appreciate the feedback both the good and the bad. In the end, if the new site helps you to get to the content faster and find what you are looking for (and more of it) then I feel we’ve done our job.

Brian McElaney /

I’m not as offended by the bloggy feel… but the rounded corners make the site sort of hard to look at. It seems there wasn’t enough thought into where the leading lines would lead the eye. I find myself having trouble focusing.

On the other hand, I bet it would make a terrific test of EInk’s eye tracker…

Colin D. Devroe /

Regardless, this design is far too blog like. I don’t like it even a little. And as far as information design, it does a very poor job being that not much of the site makes as much sense as the old one did.

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