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Dear Hallmark

Joshua Lane / / 6 Comments

As far back as I can remember, wrapping paper has been pretty basic… pretty pattern on the front, white on the back. At least, that’s the type of wrapping paper I’ve always seemed to come across. This year, however, I seem to have come across a lovely roll of wrapping paper that has DARED to be different. Okay, maybe not so much different, as just helpful.

Hallmark Wrapping Paper On the back of this gem isn’t just a plain white expanse. Oh no. Hallmark has gone the extra mile and printed a handy little grid on it! How fantastic is that for cutting just the right size piece for your gift?

In addition, the paper itself is a simple but versatile red/green/plaid foil design… classy enough for anyone, but not too over the top. Well done Hallmark! When next christmas rolls around (or the next birthday), I’ll be sure to pick up a roll of your splendid wrapping paper. All the while knowing that my ineptitude at cutting a straight line will now be a thing of the past!

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Patricia /

They’ve been doing that for a while now and you’re right, it is extremely helpful. I think I’ve finally learned my lesson and choose quality paper from the get go. It only took me a couple of years (sigh) of having to handle flimsy wrapping paper that ripped with every tug to make me realize the bargain paper really isn’t much of a bargain after all.

Dan Mall /

Hey, where’s the bashing? Surely, you can find something wrong with it. Maybe the color scheme? An allergic reaction to the material? Not biodegradable? This isn’t the usual ‘Dear _____” series I’ve grown to love…

Nathan Smith /

I too noticed “the grid” not too long ago. It’s the little things in life that make products all the more memorable / usable.

Joshua Lane /

Well, I will say that the paper was NOT wrapped around a nice solid cardboard tube. What the hell!? And here I was looking forward to fake sword fights with imaginary foes.

bearskinrug /

You can always have a real sword fight. With swashbuckling foes.

Joshua Lane /

oooooh… with talking parrots and peglegs?

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