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Dear Firefox

Joshua Lane / / 2 Comments

Firefox LogoYou know I love you, I really do. The thing is, no one’s perfect. There’s always something we could do a little better. With that in mind, I’d just like to bring up one small little thing you might have neglected… Live Bookmarks. Yeah, they kind of suck.

Now, I know you’ve been busy and have a lot of other stuff on your mind, but still. The idea behind Live Bookmarks is good, but how am I supposed to know when I have or haven’t read the most recent “bookmark”? I mean, they’re not color-coded or highlighted in anyway (something the other RSS readers do by default). Sure, I could look at the name of the article and try to determine if I’ve already seen it or not… but let’s face it, that’s too much work. I’m lazy, and it would be SOOO much easier if you could just do that for me.

I still love you :)

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derek /

when livebookmarks were first announced, i thought “cool, this will be nice to have my feeds integrated into my favorite browser”. unfortunately, there is no way for users to know what is new, visited, or old. i guess it’s not that big of a deal right? i mean, aren’t he extensions available to remedy such infallicies?

Gerald /

In terms of live bookmarks, I love ’em, they are very nice, however they really are no substitute for a good RSS reader in my mind. I use Flock primarily for this feature, and all the extensions I have of FF work in flock.

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