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Dear Capcom (Mega Man)

Joshua Lane / / 3 Comments

When I was little, I used to LOVE playing Mega Man. For me, it was one of my favorite Nintendo titles… up there with the likes of Super Mario Bros, Double Dragon, Contra, etc. Unfortunately, the game I used to love so much, isn’t really the same anymore. And the new versions seem to be split into two camps…

Mega Man - Nintendo DS Games

  1. Mega Man Battle Network (featuring RPG style game play)
  2. Mega Man Zero/ZX (featuring classic side-scrolling action)

The Battle Network games I have absolutely no interest in as I’m just not a big fan of role-playing games. The Zero/ZX games, however, seem like a more direct descendant of the original. But apparently Mega Man isn’t even the main character anymore? Gah! Stupid Capcom.

So, I have an idea… remake the original Mega Man in the same way Nintendo remade the original Super Mario Bros for the DS. Maintain the awesome/classic side-scrolling game play, but introduce some new features like new levels and bosses. Maybe spice up the game play a tad, but still maintain what made the original so much fun… a small blue robot shooting white circles at the bad guys.

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kartooner /

Right on! This has been a concern of mine ever since Capcom started experimenting with the series. Bring back “old skool” Megaman with everything that made it so cool to begin with.

Oh, and it wasn’t just circles, I’m convinced those were left over Pacman pellets.

Steve C. /

Hey, just spotted your site on CSS Beauty, nice work! Have you checked out previews for Contra 4? It’s a New Super Mario Bros. style reimagining of vintage Contra coming out this fall. Exciting stuff, hopefully Capcom sees it and does the same thing with Mega Man.

Joshua Lane /

@ Steve C. – YES! I can’t wait for that one. I wonder what other old-school games they can rehash for the DS…

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