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Dear Bloggers

Joshua Lane / / 2 Comments

I’ll be honest, I’m really tired right now… and cranky. With that in mind, I hope you won’t hold the following rant against me too much.

  • Andy Rutledge’s Design Test
    Your “test” came off a little pompous. Who put you in charge of determining whether or not I have a “solid grasp of artistic and design fundamentals”? Wow, that came out a little mean and bitter… sorry.
  • Derek Powazek’s Thanks a lot, Apple
    Dude, that guy in the ad is supposed to represent the MACHINE, not the USER. Apple doesn’t think you are a “whiny kid who looks like he sleeps under a bridge”… they think their machine is a “whiny kid who looks like he sleeps under a bridge”.
  • Mike Rundle’s New Personal Site
    Mike, I LOVE the design! But seriously, would it kill you to decrease the width by about 30 pixels? What did 1024×768 users ever do to you? …*sniff*
  • we*heart*prints
    Could you stop being so awesome… maybe just for a day? My wallet cringes every time another amazing print is showcased.

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Jared Christensen /

Every time you post a rant, God kills a MacBook. Pro.

Heh, I think Derek seriously overthought the ads. The actors are obvious caricatures of whatever you think they represent, not mirror images. Geez.

Joshua Lane /

If only he had comments open so we could tell him…

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