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Dear Bicyclists

Joshua Lane / / 8 Comments

In the ongoing battle between bicyclists and car drivers, I’m firmly on the side of the bicyclists. Too often I’ve seen cars (and their drivers) completely disregard bike riders and (many times) nearly run them off the road. Not cool.

That being said, I would like to make a plea to those of you that ride your bikes in the city… please try to follow the posted street signs. Cars obey the posted stop signs and street signals. Pedestrians obey the posted stop signs and street signals. But you bicyclists seem to just run through them at your leisure. And just recently, one of you nearly took my head off! I understand you’ve got momentum on your side and if the street is clear, then you’re going for it (red light be damned). But when we pedestrians see that red light, that’s our signal to cross the other side of the street. That’s when it’s safe for us. And since all the cars are stopped and waiting, it makes sense that all the bikes in that lane would ALSO be stopped and waiting. Apparently not.

I know in the ongoing car vs bike war, most bicyclists want cars (and their drivers) to respect the fact that they (bicyclists) have just as much right to the road as cars do. The thing is, if you expect them (cars and their drivers) to grant you those rights, it means you also have to follow the same rules… stop signs, street signals, etc. Please… for the pedestrians!

Disclaimer: I have many friends that ride their bikes everywhere. I also have many friends that walk everywhere (myself included). When you bicycle riders go flying down the street and whiz by us pedestrians (nearly hitting us)… it’s scary.

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Josh Stodola /

OMG I know what you mean. You are walking down the sidewalk minding your business and this cyclist all of a sudden zips right by you. That scares the piss outta me. I could have stretched to yawn and likely knocked his ass out. Cyclists should be required to sing aloud or something, so we know when they are coming!!

Rob Weychert /

Pedestrians obey the posted stop signs and street signals.

This statement could not be more incorrect. When I’m on my bike, I usually find pedestrians to be more of a menace than motorists. For some reason, bicycles are invisible to many pedestrians, and they’ll happily step into an intersection against a red light despite the fact that I’m fast approaching and have the right of way.

I don’t mean to absolve cyclists of their sins; I know there are plenty of them out there zipping around far too carelessly. But it’s important to remember that pedestrians don’t have a spotless record either.

So I propose a general statement that all commuters would do well to obey: “Keep your eyes open and be considerate to those with the right of way.” Sound good?

Joshua Lane /

So I propose a general statement that all commuters would do well to obey: “Keep your eyes open and be considerate to those with the right of way.” Sound good?

Deal! I’ve seen my share of absent-minded walkers doing whatever they please as well. Even worse, I’ve seen a mother pushing a stroller almost walk into the middle of traffic because she wasn’t paying attention.

bearskinrug /

Bah – you’re all overlooking the REAL threat on the streets. Those Segway tours. They can get up to 4 mph!


Where I live bicyclists are their own species. They come in huge packs of sometimes up to 20 or 30 at a time, and they all wear their bug-like uniforms. They all have the same body type and size. They certainly don’t obey the traffic laws… I think they’re after us!

CrackWilding /

I’ll grant you, cyclists should defer to pedestrians, just as drivers should defer to cyclists. But there’s really nothing quite so dumb as a cyclist sitting at a totally empty intersection just because the light is red.

The law in many places treat cyclists the same as cars. While I appreciate this insofar as it protects me (a bit) against drivers who don’t think I should be in the road, the fact is that bikes are not cars and should not be subject to all the same laws.


Where I come from if your on the road your probably going to get yelled at,run over, or beat-up. I wish it would change. It’s not fair.

Jamma /

Traffic is a freakin’ jungle, I as a pedestrian find it best to not to trust anyone else than myself. Constant vigilance!

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