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Dear Amazon

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Amazon, I am one of your biggest fans. I buy all sorts of useless crap from you and have even signed up for your Amazon Prime service so I can get my crap delivered sooner. I’m even considering buying my groceries from you… GROCERIES! It’s madness, I realize, but you’ve got me hooked.

Here’s the thing… putting ads on your site for other products and services is dumb. Seriously. Does the extra revenue from those ads offset the fact that your brand takes a credibility hit? To be honest, it makes you look a little desparate for money. Here are a few examples:

300×250 Ad in the Right-Hand Column on the Amazon Homepage

300x250 Ad

728×90 Ad on the Bottom of the Product Page for the Iron Man DVD

728x90 Ad

Text Ad in the Top Right Corner of the Header on Amazon

Text Ad

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