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Hello, 198lbs

Joshua Lane / / 13 Comments

When I was in college, I weighed about 185/190lbs. I wasn’t super skinny or anything, but was a pretty normal size for someone 6’0″ tall. Soon after college (2000/2001), I started my first “professional” job… in other words, I sat on my butt all day. During my year or so there, I gained about 10/15lbs. […]

Weight Loss: Month Something or Other

Joshua Lane / / 4 Comments

I’ve been pretty remiss about updating you all on my weight loss saga these past couple of months. Sorry about that. Things started really well with a good amount coming off, but then slowed down a bit. Now, instead of doing a month by month count of how much weight I’ve lost, I’d rather just […]

Weight Loss: Month 5

Joshua Lane / / 2 Comments

I’ve officially come to the end of month #5 of my weight loss regime and things are still going slowly. As with last month, I only lost a uninspiring 2lbs. I am SOOO not making it onto any of those weight loss infomercials as a “success story”. April: 5lbs (DONE!) May: 5lbs (DONE!) June: 5lbs […]

Weight Loss: Month 4

Joshua Lane / / 3 Comments

Month 4 of my weight loss has come to a close and my stupid, piece of crap body isn’t doing what I WANT IT TO. My total weight loss for this month is 2lbs… TWO POUNDS!! That is really not going to cut it. I need to do better. April: 5lbs (DONE!) May: 5lbs (DONE!) […]

Fitting Into Old Clothes

Joshua Lane / / No Comments

Today is a wonderful day. Today, I fit into some of my old clothes from about a year/year-and-a-half ago. I always knew this would happen once I started to lose some of the weight I’ve acquired. However, I didn’t quite realize how this moment would feel. For the record, it feels great. Like I’ve accomplished […]

Weight Loss: Month 3

Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

Month 3 of my weight loss (and subsequent tracking) has come to a close and sadly, I’m not happy. DAMN YOU body, what’s your problem!? I was shooting for a loss of 10lbs, but only made it to 5. Let’s take a look at the scoreboard… April: 5lbs (DONE!) May: 5lbs (DONE!) June: 5lbs (…was […]

Weight Loss: Month 2

Joshua Lane / / 2 Comments

My second month in Philly, and my second month of keeping tabs on my weight loss has come to a close. So far things are going VERY well and I’m happy to say that I’ve officially hit the “10lbs lost” mark. Let’s take a look at the rundown… April: 5lbs (DONE!) May: 5lbs (DONE!) June: […]

Weight Loss: Month 1

Joshua Lane / / 4 Comments

I’ve been in Philly now for a solid month and have (thus far) lost 5 pounds due to all the walking I’m doing. My diet has remained pretty much the same, so that wouldn’t be a factor in the weight loss. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with how this is looking. The way I […]

I Am A Walking MACHINE

Joshua Lane / / 2 Comments

Ever since I moved to the city of Philadelphia, I’ve been walking EVERYWHERE. Everything is so close and parking is so non-existant that it just makes sense to walk everywhere. The nice byproduct of that is I’m starting to get in better shape. Not the shape I’d like to be in, but better none the […]