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Wearing Purple

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To support GLAAD’s spirity day and to end anti-LGBT bullying, I’ve turned my site purple.

What the title “UX Designer” means to Me

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For the record, I consider myself a User Experience (UX) Designer. I don’t usually refer to myself as such, but it’s what I primarily do. And for simplicity’s sake, I like to define it this way… User Experience Design is the comprehensive process of designing a user’s entire experience with a product – most commonly […]

Hello New Site Design

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The last time I updated this site’s design was 3 years ago. And the last time I wrote a blog post was July of 2009. Of course, that entry wasn’t even a post, it was a link and a screenshot. The post before that I didn’t even write! But that’s kind of the point. I […]

Virb Skin: Chunk

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A few weeks ago, the profile skin I designed went live on Enjoy!

Oh Hai Employment

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I’ve joined team Virb as IA / Designer. Yeah, it’s pretty fantastic.

Pink for October

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I’ve gone kinda Pink for October. It’s probably more of a magenta than pink, but it’s for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

SXSW Video Interview on “Geek Chic”

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This one is a little bit old (March, 2008), but I just found it and thought I’d share. HUGE thanks to Jonathon Morgan for the interview and the editing work that makes me actually sound somewhat intelligent! UPDATE: Here’s another video that may put this into more perspective for you: What is geek chic

Are You a Web Designer?

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I’ve come across a number of people over the years who consider themselves “Web Designers”. However, they’re really just graphic designers who design websites. What’s the distinction? They don’t really know their medium (HTML/CSS). If you don’t know and understand the presentation layer – how can you effectively design for it? This post somewhat inspired […]

Off to Austin for SXSW

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If you see me at the conference, say hello and whatnot. We can chat about politics and religion… you know, casual conversation. Or web stuff – that works, too. And if you’re interested, come to my “Core Conversation”: Examining the Different Ways We Can Work Tuesday March 11th (11:30 am – 12:30 pm in Ballroom […]

Speaking Gigs

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Over the next couple weeks I get to speak at not one, but TWO conferences. How much fun is THAT?! Here are the details, in case you feel inclined to stop by and listen to my rambling… TransitCamp (Feb 23rd-24th) When: Saturday February 23rd (2:00pm in Room 2) Where: Palo Alto, CA What: “New Rider […] The Grid

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The new launched this morning. Even though I no longer work there, I was responsible for the new IA, Design (though it’s been modified a bit), and front-end HTML & CSS. The javascript code and back-end implementation was handled by an outside company – I did not write the mess you see when you […]


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Better Luck Next Time

What I Did In San Francisco

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Day 1 (Tuesday): My flight departed from Philadelphia at 6:30pm and arrived in San Francisco at 9:30pm (3hr time difference factored in). Then, I took a cab over to my friend’s apartment. We visited for a couple hours, then crashed. Exciting, huh? Day 2 (Wednesday): The Blog Business Summit didn’t begin until 1pm, so I […]

Blog Business Summit

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Right now I’m in San Francisco at the Blog Business Summit. So far it’s been great and currently the “Building a Blog Network” seminar is in full swing. One of the things I’ve been thinking about lately is either creating my own blog/content network or joining one of the existing ones. Ideally, it would be […]

My New Camera

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I ordered a new camera a couple days ago and am REALLY looking forward to receiving it this week. Thanks for the recommendation Mr. Stanley! I was going to take some photos of the new camera when it arrived. However, that’s sort of impossible now because my friend Megan snagged my old camera when she […]

My Work History

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Yesterday (June 2nd), I bid farewell (for good) to my old job at Clym Environmental in Frederick, MD. As I was cleaning out all my old belongings, I came across my box of business cards. I grabbed a stack to keep as a sort of memento of my time there. But tucked in the back […]

Help Me Choose a Journal

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As I settle into my new job at Pixelworthy, I find myself thinking more and more about my “design process” and ways that I can improve upon it. One of the things that I’ve been focusing on is all the little ideas and absurdities that pop into my head during any given day. You know, […]

Office – New vs Old

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Here are some shots of the new office at Pixelworthy… And here as some shots of the old office at Clym Environmental… I think we can all agree it’s a major improvement.

May 1st / CSS Reboot

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To put it simply, the May 1st Reboot event is a day where web designers/developers/etc (such as myself) all launch redesigns of their sites. It’s a way to motivate designers to stay creative and keep things fresh. This year, an offshoot of that event took place called the CSS Reboot. It’s basically the same thing, […] Design Featured

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A few CSS gallery sites are featuring’s design and I just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU!” to those places. I was really happy with how the layout came together and it’s nice to see others appreciate it too. Here are the links for those curious… CSSDrive even went […]

Working in Philly

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I’ve already talked a bit about my moving to Philly, now I’d like to share a little about where I’m working in Philly. On Monday, April 4th, I started a job as a Web Designer/Strategist for Pixelworthy. Pixelworthy exists to design and market user-centered, highly accessible and engaging web sites on tight budgets. Althought I’ve […] – A Blog

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I’ve mentioned it a couple times before, but just to reiterate, I’m moving to Philadelphia soon. I haven’t found an apartment yet, but hopefully that will happen in the near future. The thing is, I’ve never lived in a “big city”, so the whole experience is quite exciting and intimidating at the same time. Not […]