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About This Site and its Author

Joshua Lane

The Author

My name is Josh Lane and I’m a UI/UX Designer living in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been designing since 1998 and currently lead a team doing it for Google. On a more personal note, I was born in Florida in 1978 (you can do the math on that one), grew up in the VA, bounced around the VA/MD/DC area after college at VA Tech, then moved to Philadelphia in April of 2005, San Francisco in October of 2007, and finally to NY in March of 2014.

The Site

BlissfullyAware is mostly a random assortment of things I find interesting, educational, annoying and sometimes ludicrous. It’s kinda pointless, really. And if you’re curious about the name of the site, I primarily wanted something that sounded a little pretentious. I am a designer after all.